Feature highlights include:
  • direct import of emails (and attachments) into the database, creating a communication record, all parts of which are viewable on demand
  • direct sending of individual and bulk emails (with attachments of any type of file - doc, pdf, jpg, etc)
  • the ability to store any type of file within the database (view and export on demand) - photos, scanned documents, pdfs, etc.
  • every user can individually decide what information they (as opposed to other users) see and where it’s displayed when they login to any computer on the network. They can also control the size and colour of their display
  • extensive Search and Reporting capability for retrieving data from the database, including nested relational searches (e.g. finding the Parents of Pupils who left in...) which most other systems can't cope with, without distorting the way the data is recorded
  • any size label can be printed for addresses or indeed contain any information from the database
  • ability to import data from standard formats and databases with import mapping routine, making yearly import of Leavers and Parents (or any other other data, including Outlook contacts) very simple
  • for Web-Online users, there's a close coupled synchronisation and moderation mechanism between the two systems.
InTouch will rapidly become your core communication, event management, alumni management, fundraising and/or marketing system.

To download our InTouch Information sheet click here.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the full system to you so do get InTouch.

Below are a few screenshots to give you a taste of InTouch

The Dashboard
A well organised layout grouped into functional areas

The Prime Focus Screen
Total freedom of layout. Each tab shows you a different page of information for a person.Each user can customize their own display to show just the information they want to see.Files of any type (photos, scanned documents, letters, etc.) can be held against any person, and displayed, printed or exported at will.

In this case we're looking at a Summary tab, containing a Summary control (customisable), which displays information from a number of attributes. Can be easily copied and pasted into any document. There's also information from the Associations and Photo tab.
The Search Screen

Filling your database with information is one thing. Retrieving exactly the information you want in the form you want it in is something else altogether.
The search above identifies the pupils, who's year group is between 1960 and 1969, have made donations and who have email addresses, excluding those who are deceased and have asked not to be contacted.    T:0345 680 0042   InTouch Software, 16 Court Way, Twickenham, TW2 7SN.
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