A comprehensive CRM with integrated web portal

for Fundraising, Alumni Relations, Marketing and more


Feature highlights include:

  • unlimited flexibility in defining what information you hold, and what information you search on.
  • every user being able to determine their own display of information.
  • can store any type of file (incl. photos, scanned documents) for constituents and be viewable with a click.
  • automatic direct import of emails (and attachments) into the database, creating a communication record, all parts of which are viewable on demand
  • direct sending of individual and personalised bulk emails (with attachments of any type of file - doc, pdf, jpg, etc)
  • capability of storing any type of file within the database (view and export on demand) - photos, scanned documents, pdfs, etc.
  • every user can individually decide what information they (as opposed to other users) see and where it’s displayed when they login to any computer on the network. They can also control the size and colour of their display
  • extensive Search and Reporting capability for retrieving data from the database, including nested relational searches (e.g. finding the Parents of Pupils who left in...) which most  other systems can't  cope with, without distorting the way the data is recorded
  • any size label can be printed for addresses or indeed contain any information from the database
  • ability to import data from standard formats and databases with import mapping routine, making yearly import of Leavers and Parents (or any other other data, including Outlook contacts) very simple
  • for Web-InTouch users, there's a close coupled synchronisation and moderation mechanism between the two systems.
  • latest technologies:  VS2015,  SQLServer2008-2014

InTouch will rapidly become your core communication, event management, alumni management, fundraising and/or marketing system.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the full system to you so do get InTouch.


  • fully custom styled to match either your school, or any design you wish us to emulate.
  • enables online access for alumni and others associated with your organisation. It publishes selected information on the internet for direct access and updating.
  • is easy to use and offers facilities that will encourage your alumni to return to your web-site over and over again.
  • is about improving your data. Online updating gives you access to information you would not have if you relied on paper communications and email alone.
  • is about friendships. Alumni can choose to share their information with others in the alumni community. They can use this to keep in touch and to promote an allegiance to their old school or college.
  • enables you to provide a useful service to your supporters including links to their own details and web sites.
  • is about virtual communities creating real communications.

InTouch & Web-InTouch will revolutionize the way you think of databases.

InTouch-Online (v supplied by InTouch Software